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Smoothmix is magical

ALWAYS loved Smoothmix. Once you use it, you will never use Tobacco


Overall a good experience

The one

Right mix of ingredients, smooth product and hopefully a very good Tobacco alternative even for long terms uses without adverse side effects. One thing stands out is the guys, your after sale service, customer obsession is greatly appreciated. Keep up the solid work!

Customer satisfaction too solid

Have always loved the products. But this time, i absolutely loved the entire package that was sent across. The complimentary stuffs which was sent for me, really had me SMILING for hours! (iykwim)

Smooth as butter

Smooth as butter

Love the flavour

Awesome flavour, I am totally tobacco free now

Helped me reduce Smoking!

Smoothmix helped reduce my cigarette smoking. Even my husband smokes regular cigarettes significantly less than what he used to.
Makes the experience of smoking a J much better, since it'slow burning and no THC, I know that the high is from the stuff and not tobacco. The taste is much better too and its easy on the throat. No coughing, yay.

Great product!

It's good product

Love it

Taste is amazing. Super easy switch, will never look back!



Good Blend

Very good for tobacco substitute. feels smooth and less flavour. good option

Upgrded my sessions

Really good product, it changed the way I sesh now

Love it

Smoothmix is one of it's kind

Well I would like to elaborate that in india not much people actually care what's going on with your smokes. But here is a brand smoothmix , who's actually working and selling some sensible, innovative, and better than tobacco products which make sense and are safer than any other products available. Therefore being the only versatile and 1st of its kind smoothmix experiential brand , it rocks and deserves more than a 5 ⭐ rating. Keep doing good team. All the very best. To even hear out small customers like us makes the brand association even Closer and smoother.."


really helped me cut down on tobacco but better packaging would be appreciated

Great Product!

I love your products and I use them a lot. Great business!

Great Blends

both blends are amazing 🔥🔥

Works just like its name

It's actually very smooth, doesn't have any weird taste...pretty good stuff

Want more blends!

Love the mix! My smoking experience is much better, would love to see more blends in the future

Blue perfect blend!

The smoothmix blue is better than 101

Permanent user!

Good product, tastes better, bought many packs


The flow was good and smooth

Perfect for mixing!

I absolutely love smoothmix, this is the best possible thing you can mix with a za🤍

Perfect choice for me!

I'm the only one who does not use or smoke tobacco in my circle, and trust me I was smoking blunt..it's like smoothmix added colour to my sesh..

Awesome Product!

In Love with this. Never going bac to tobe. Tripled the sesh time with one J.